Sweet Peach


These bi-colored roses are a wonderful treat. Send them as a gift. Bi-color roses are unique to create a surprise - From Ecuador to your Door Direct Flowers - Flowers2give™.

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Simple tricks for prolonging vase life:

Once your roses arrive, unwrap your blooms and begin rehydration:

  1. Cut the stems at a diagonal angle and add them to a vase with fresh water.
  2. Remove any greens that fall below the waterline to avoid cloudy water.

*View more rose care instructions

How come my flowers arrive fresh?

All of our roses are carefully packaged to ensure optimal safety during transport. Our products are shipped to your house through a cold chain process which keeps the roses at low temperature from the moment the roses leave the farm. This procedure ensures the freshest state of the product. 

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Flowers2give™ Sweet Peach

From Ecuador to your Door Direct Flowers

- Farm to Table - Fresh Flowers

Usually, bi-colored roses are the shy section of a flower shop. At Flowers2give™ our Warm Bicolor is our TOP SELLER on this year. We believe our customers buy this special gift because our warmest bicolored identifies the secret way we love.

Product Information:

  • # of Stems: 12
  • Product Type: Roses
  • Bud Size: 2.16 inch
  • Stem Length: 15,75 inch
  • Packed with instructions: Yes
  • Free Delivery: Yes
  • Vase Life*: 15 days vase life Delivery
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