Flowers2give™ Policies


All orders should be placed at least 1 week prior to the delivery date so we can guarantee the availability of all product requirements. Holiday orders (events a week before or during Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, or Mother's Day) must be placed 4 weeks prior to the delivery date.  


Since most flowers take 24 to 48 hour to fully open, the delivery date should be 3 to 4 days prior to the event (see Handling & Care for specific varieties). We also recommend a purchase of 5% more than your expected needs.  


Payment transactions must be completed before the product is shipped.  


Cancellations can only be accepted up to 5 business days before the original delivery date. Cancellations will receive a 90% refund since there is a 10% service fee for all cancellations after an order has been processed. The service fee will not apply if the order is rescheduled at least 5 business days before the initial delivery date.  


All claims should be placed with our customer service department within 24 hours of delivery. You must specify the details of your complaint, accompanied by at least 5 digital pictures showing both the problem with your product and the boxes they arrived in. All claims made after the initial 24 hours will NOT be processed. reserves the right to inspect all disputed orders. The product may be requested back. Complaints concerning part of the order supplied cannot be a reason for rejecting the entire order. If accepts the claim, you will receive a replacement item at no charge. is not responsible for

  • Flowers delivered to an incorrect address supplied by the customer.  
  • Unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at the time of delivery at the address supplied by the customer.
  • Possible diminished flower quality due to a requested re-route by the customer.  
  • Late deliveries by the shipping carrier. You MUST NOT receive the product from FedEx if it arrives delayed or your claim will not be processed.  
  • Mishandling of flowers by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to know how to handle the flowers.  
  • Due to the perishable nature of our products, and FedEx cannot accept any responsibility for late deliveries due to weather conditions. If a situation like this should occur and the product is damaged or lost, we will offer a 50% discount on your replacement order to help compensate for your losses.