Your Impact

Since its beginning, the owners of Rosadex, have lived and worked in this land for more than 7 generations and are proud to support the surrounding communities. As Rosadex™, we have contributed by developing meaningful relations with our friends and neighbors, from providing materials to build a water canal, helping to build a road access, or a garden for the nearby school. We are proud to say that we sit in the same side of the table with our community to build a better society for the generations to come.

As part of that commitment, education plays a key role in the progress our country and our community. That is why we support “Escuelita Marco Rodriguez Diaz”, by ensuring that we can build skills and values for future generations so they can move out of poverty.

For each flower arrangement that you buy from Flowers2give, we give back third of the profit to provide services and materials needed for the operation of the school.

Thanks for helping us build a better country!

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