FLowers2Give FAQ

Our farm is located at Cayambe - Ecuador and we have offices and headquarters over the USA, Russia & China. Flowers2Give™ are commercial trademarks of Rosadex S.A

We use Square Inc, a company based in San Francisco, California.

Once your order gets into our system, our farm personnel cut the selected flowers and manage them to the postharvest room. From this point, all transportation are done at low, controlled temperature.we accomplish all the international procedures for sending our products to the USA. Overmore, our business alliance with FedEx ensures you a tracking number for each order.

The farm cuts your flowers 4 to 5 days before you receive them. This assures you a vase life of at least 10-14 days if cared properly.

Yes, the flowers will arrive in bulk, so you will have some work to do. The basic steps are to remove any leaves and thorns that will fall below the waterline, and trimming the stems. Please review the guidelines we have listed in Flower Care. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yes, our flowers are cut in a bud stage and shipped with all their outermost guard petals for protection during delivery. Following the instructions given on our website will bring them to the open point you need. We recommend that you have Roses delivered at least 2 days before your event to give them time to open.

Two factors that regulate how fast the flowers open are sugar intake and light. Most flowers take 24 to 48 hours to open to a nice point. The best way to let your flowers open is to order them with enough time to complete their opening process, but if you find yourself in a situation where, due to a delay, you do not have enough time, you can follow one or more of the following procedures that will reduce your flower life a day or 2:

1. Add 100 grams of sugar per Liter of Water. Re-cut stems 1/3 Inch with a sharp knife. Put flowers in a sugar solution and expose them to permanent and good amounts of daylight or bulb light during the nights (bathrooms are a great place to keep them exposed to light) / 2. With your mouth or a blow-dryer on a gentle, cool setting, blow the center of the flower and direct it so that it evenly opens the bud.

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